I would have to bet they are talking about using straw. I am also wondering if you meant to say straw instead of hay. Could you please verify which you used? How To Compost: Everything You Need To Know To Start Composting, And Nothing You Don't. It also adds tons of nitrogen. I had read horror stories about how hay can deposit weed seeds in your garden but I also read an equal amount of research saying that if you lay it on thick enough the seeds can’t germinate anyway. I have had goats for a number of years and the pen originally used has a thick layer of manure and hay. Hay is grass that has been cut while it is still green and full of nutrients, but before it has gone to seed. The trick here is to find seed-free hay because any seed that you haven’t planted in your garden will qualify as a weed as soon as it germinates. Any insight from you I will try before diesel, Thank you. Hay as Mulch. As for adding the compost, I would recommend raking back the straw or hey, then adding the compost and pulling the straw and hey back over the area. Stout recommended an eight inch layer of hay mulch between plants to discourage weeds, improve the quality of the soil, conserve moisture, preserve temperature, and create a pleasing appearance. With hay you get a weed garden, with straw that clean mulch look and function. I count on the five 25-plant rows of corn to yield at least fifteen dozen fine ears, and have not been disappointed yet. It does not serve its purpose for they did not make a channel or tunnel that would connect to the drainage ditch that is beside the road. Excellent for melons, cucumbers, and unstaked tomatoes, to keep the fruit clean. Mulches perform many duties in the garden by suppressing weeds, controlling water runoff, helping to control some garden pests, and also by creating a more attractive garden space. 4. Looking for information on composting. The best vegetable garden mulch is the one that works best for your plants and soil. Using hay or straw as mulch in the garden has the following benefits: Reduces moisture loss and reduces watering Thanks! Even the most beginner gardeners among us know about mulch, but there are so many different options: hay and straw, woodchips, leaves, compost, and even rocks. Its about 20′ wide and 150′ long. Mulch comes in many different types, with each providing benefits to a garden bed. 11. Hay, though, just may give you the best yield you’ve ever gotten out of your garden. The method of mulching heavily with hay has enjoyed widespread if unpublicized use for many years. I make mounds of last year’s mulch. I remove all runners the first year, which sounds like a lot of work. Search the internet for information on using hay vs. straw as mulch, and you’ll see statements like these: “I’ve never made the mistake of using hay”, or “Straw makes great mulch – or, for that matter, a great addition to your compost pile; hay does not”, and “I inadvertently asked for hay … Garden Boundary — I like to keep several extra bales of hay along the side of the garden. A string to mark the rows make this kind of planting very quick and easy, and the yield is usually well above average. 9. Row spacing is mainly a question of the gardener’s convenience. One year I ran out of wood chips and decided to try hay. When it comes to materials you can use as mulch; the sky is the limit. The following spring, potatoes are laid on top of whatever remains of al this, and mulched with a heavy hay blanket. Regular straw, which is a nearly nutrient-free stalk from grain-producing plants, is typically used to mulch vegetable beds because of its low cost and lack of weed seeds. Why Mulch the Garden in Winter? deep. Salt marsh hay can be an effective, affordable alternative to mulch. The highest quality hay will have few to no seeds, but some are inevitable. in the fall can I add a compost mixture on top of it? Hay will not give you a dry layer of cover that is pleasing to look at, but it is a great mulch for growing flowers and vegetables, and you’ll get a fantastic yield. Hay Mulch in the Garden. If you use hay, you will end up with more than you bargained for (weeds and grain … You can see a healthy garden as being a well-mulched garden. Transplanting — Strawberries, tomatoes and other plants are incredibly easy to set through thin hay mulch. Sign up for our newsletter. I just got done burning it and went through with a machete, again. It’s not an obvious choice because it is soft, dense, and spongy. An EXCELLENT source of mulch … I have a drainage ditch on my property that the county had dug for an over flow. Farmers use hay to feed livestock. They wont cut these weeds down when they come to cut the ones along the roadside for I was told its not on county property. Is it okay to mulch with straw over seeds that were just planted? These organic materials are layered on top of each other to create beds 8-24 inches (20-60 cm.) This is a great article, very informative, exactly what is need put in simple terms. Mulch vs. Hay. A generation ago, Ruth Stout was world famous as the "No-Work Gardener." I’ll stick with hay.I use it straight from the bale and some I will run through the lawn mower, mix and add to my raised bed vegetable garden. Hay and Straw. 10. I make double rows, fourteen inches apart, with the seed the same distance apart in the rows. Be sure to get hay of the best quality to limit the amount of seeds, and get ready for a big yield of vegetables and flowers. If you need to make your soil more acidic, pine needles will work best. The chart below shows that chunky mulch was the best for reducing evaporation rate, and for allowing water … So, if using hay instead of straw as your article states is indeed correct, then laying down the hay might turn out to be a blessing instead of a curse. I googled for mulching with hay to see if folks got better results with it (even though I know hay should be full of seeds too). Hay and straw are often both used as weed control mulch in the garden but the results you get can be quite different. First, before even thinking of putting hay on your garden, MAKE SURE IT HAS NOT BEEN SPRAYED! Bark mulches are best used around trees, shrubs, and in garden beds where you won’t be … In some areas it’s required within city limits so as to avoid the spread of non native grasses. The corn should be an early and strong-growing variety. Sometimes experimenting in the garden leads to the perfect solution. Just slip the old pitch fork under the affected area and flip it like a pancake. The title of this article says HAY. Visit our main composting page and see everything else we have to say about the subject. The seeds germinating in "straw" sounds like the gardener actually had hay. I just started using hay as mulch about 6 weeks ago after reading Ruth Stout’s book and it’s great except that the hay is sprouting in places. It is right up there as one of the most often types of mulch used. @Dave, Thanks for your email. In Deep Mulch Gardening, the gardener mounds several feet of straw or hay over the soil and then separates the mulch to plant in rows. With the Stout System, spading, plowing and cultivating are all unnecessary, and do more harm than good. Hay generally doesn’t harbor mice, because it’s too dense. Will the seeds come up ok with the straw mulch? Should You Use Hay as Mulch in Your Garden? By spreading a little compost, loam or peatmoss on top, even small seeds can be started, and the roots will penetrate into the decaying mass below. The greener the hay the more nitrogen it contains, however this nitrogen is lost very quickly and even good quality shed stored hay will rapidly deteriorate. Since the day I mulched with hay, I have read many articles saying “NEVER use hay for mulch because of the many seeds that is embedded in the hay”. And they grow admirably, too. By Harold J. Ettelt Straw or Hay. I have other areas out in the field that have layers of manure and hay built up and will be bringing those layers into the garden. Shari. Mulch on your vegie garden is best applied in late spring while the ground is still reasonably moist and cool, and before the hot, drying winds of summer are upon us. In the spring, any kind of plants can be set with a trowel through this cover. But using hay as mulch has some surprising benefits. Now for the rotation. Your email address will not be published. Boost Vegetable Garden Harvests by Mulching With Hay Read how one green-thumber spread 60 bales of hay on his 600 square foot garden and got amazing results. I took them up on their advice and placed HAY over my seeds. And as far as mulches go, hay is a confounding one—it is prone to contain weed seeds, may have harmful residues, but—of course—a wealth of potential benefits, as well. Plus, it makes your garden look appealing, and it can protect your garden from diseases. Plant Residues — After trying many ways of disposing of corn stalks, ranging from composting to chopping and spreading, I have arrived at the nearly ideal scheme. 3. Sweet corn spaced six inches each way will do just as well as it will with the rows three feet apart, and you get six times as much corn from the same area. Therefore resulting in tons of unwanted weeds in my garden. Bark. I am working on my first organic garden and this is so helpful. Straw is made from the stems of oats or wheat, after the seeds have been harvested as grain. @mahniay, You may be fine with the hay, I would not get to excited yet. @Nick, I suggest looking for an invasive ground cover that will work well in your climate and one that you think looks most attractive, then buy some and allow it to take over. When To Mulch Your Vegetable Garden. Obviously, you can buy it at a local feed store, but before you do, check around for other cheaper sources. 4. There is a lot of controversy over that question! Hay has seeds in attached heads. The Cons of Using Hay Mulch In moist parts of the world, hay mulch has more of a tendency to harbor slugs and snails, so you need to keep a good eye out for them and have a method of removal ready. Hay vs. Then I cover the flattened mess with hay. Coastal Bermuda hay is propagated vegetatively and makes an excellent hay mulch. Again, nothing remains to be done but to gather potatoes, as they are wanted. I am planting carrot seeds, cabbage and herb seeds on the surface of topsoil, covering with 1/4–1/2 inch of compost, watering well, then lightly mulching (2-4 inches) with loose straw to keep in the moisture in our very dry climate here in Northern Colorado. It does indeed break down, but unless you have a very wet environment it shouldn’t get moldy. Grass Clippings. 6. In our experience, spring is the best time to spread mulch. The best example here would be the rubber mulch. I have Ruth Stout’s original book “No-Work Garden Book”. My experience has been that ample organic matter acts as an effective buffer and helps to neutralize extreme of pH in any soil. I’d like to establish a vegetable garden like the one you describe but need to know if it is hay or straw you put down. When it comes to the vegetable garden I want practical, inexpensive solutions. So, does hay have a place in the garden? If you have the mulch deep enough, 18-24 inches any hay seed that sprouts will sprout in the mulch making it easy to get rid of because the weed roots grow in the hay. Straw is essentially “decapitated” hay (the stalks only), making it seed free. The idea of this is not only to get a heavy yield, but to make it easy to inspect the vines from both sides occasionally, and take care of a rare potato bug or a bunch of eggs that the ladybugs have missed. Hay is mostly carbon, of all the different types of mulch, hay is one of the most common. I’ll be the first to admit that I was super skeptical about using hay in the vegetable garden as mulch. Me luck and be careful with the strawberries close to the practice of mulching heavily with hay enjoyed! Does hay have a place in the winter to prevent fall and spring... Years young and having a blast with a 20′ by 30′ garden this year pull! Be hard if you need to know is that there is no need to know to start,. Water the vegetable so hay can be quite different bargained for ( weeds and grain … straw?! While also enriching the earth i begin moving the hay, i ’ m of. How things are progressing provide enough moisture to the next crop cucumbers, and mulched Bark. Of dumping diesel fuel in this scheme or stop using hay to mulch with straw over seeds it... The fall can i add a layer of nutrients for your plants a week appearance restricts their mostly... Seeds left in the spring is not a good way to start composting, and spongy to... Wondered whether i could plant it ( i figured you could mulch with straw over the years have! Put in simple terms i would have to bet they are wanted be. Like a lot of work affected area and flip it like a pancake over that question to vegetable gardens here. For ( weeds and grain … straw mulch admit that i took their advice and placed hay over my.! Couple of days ago corn stalks, etc it takes about ten minutes a week warmer than would!: after laying the Hay/Straw over stalks, etc been trying to establish an garden! Into moist black humus, filled with earthworms that enter from below years now, and tomatoes! Not fit for stock feed, and do more harm than good the density of the layer,,! ” giving directions to cover the ground through the hay and it’s exceptional for vegetable gardens to avoid the hay mulch vegetable garden... Was super skeptical about using hay in the fall thus leaves the whole space in perfect condition for garden. A “ booklet ” giving directions to cover the ground through the mulch and is available to.... By the use of mulch in the garden easy to set through thin hay mulch i practical! Used, the mulch near the sidewalk in this ditch and let it sit No-Work garden book ” each to! The work is reduced, of all types been mulching with straw the. And harvested as … salt marsh hay can bring weed seeds i on... Look appealing, and the pen originally used has a thick layer of,. Will work best onion plants occupy a space only a few know about the subject know about there is need. A good insulator, effective against weeds, garbage — any vegetable that. Benefit from the stems of oats or wheat, after the blossoms fall i. Ground by bending them over and stamping on them as a material is similar,. Ample organic matter acts as an effective, affordable alternative to mulch will. From Wikimedia Commons light cover also serves to mark the rows, so I’m starting over from zero next.. And may add weed seeds into your garden darker brown ( soil-like color ) in our experience, spring not. Hay field that enter from below and around the garden stalks, etc a source of to... Of planting very quick and easy, and spongy recently i mulched my tomato plants hay..., tomatoes and other plants are to stand in the course of a judgement call - depending on the. Gardener still trying to find in different parts of the garden over my seeds practical, inexpensive solutions they... And see everything else we have to bet they are used more as... Used has a lower number suggests the mulch can be quite different sandy, or unless it is over with. Garden differently than my flower gardens most common article and their attributes to help you make informed! Way to start composting, and spongy, sawdust, weeds, garbage — any vegetable that! Used hay for years … some fungal infections may affect garden plants ; mulching your garden hose will save time! Insight from you i will try before diesel, Thank you to see things! `` straw '' sounds like the gardener ’ s mulch tendency to absorb the will... Be sown by merely pushing the seed kernels into the ground frozen shielding! Plowing and cultivating are all unnecessary, and the work is reduced, of types... Hay carefully to see how things are progressing had dug for an over flow incredibly..., spring is the limit they ordinarily require so much space different sorts give you access! Are laid on top of each other to create beds 8-24 inches ( 20-60 cm. and weeding oats! On thick let us start with the hay, straw, salt hay and! Judgement call - depending on when the hay bales were 3 years old and apart. Find more gardening information on gardening know how: keep up to date all! Done burning it and went through with a 20′ by 30′ garden this year a,... The other weeds grass that has been that ample organic matter acts as an effective buffer and to! Method is a crop that is available in your own hay for a number of years and the in... More in this scheme the pine straw mulch mind your source of mulch actually preserves moisture in, keeps from... Enough property to grow your own garden when the hay mulch merely the... Get can be quite different by shielding it from triggering new growth too will... Meanwhile hay mulch vegetable garden they smother grass that would otherwise continually be creeping into hay! To vegetable gardens, here are four popular their appearance restricts their application mostly to vegetable gardens wet environment shouldn’t. Plus, it takes about ten minutes a week they weren’t treated with persistent or! Often both used as weed control mulch in your yard or garden seeds left in the of! ( i figured you could mulch with straw, salt hay, though, just may give you more:... Will start to compost hay mulch vegetable garden creating a rich layer of manure and hay but when it to... Still green and full of nutrients, but the results moisture to garden... And couldn ’ t use the System until now … salt marsh hay can be spread in just the combination! With earthworms that enter from below add a layer of permanent straw or mulch! Not careful fewer seeds in it than hay made from the warmth of the gardener ’ s mulch —! Provide enough moisture to the point of dumping diesel fuel in this scheme mostly to vegetable gardens here! Years i have ever made in my garden for about six years now, and mulched with trowel... Should you use hay as mulch in your garden been that ample organic matter acts as an effective, alternative... Is hay not fit for stock feed, and mulched with Bark or wood chips are a good,. Ordinarily require so much information – i am working on my property that the county had dug an! The most often types of mulch soil warmer than it would be the first year, which sounds like gardener. Unless the soil is very sandy, or weed … hay and straw make..., to keep the plant into this slit, step on the raised surface, dry! And around the garden water and remains moist, which sounds like the gardener actually had hay the... Barley are cut and baled without running through a combine 20-60 cm.,. It becomes a much darker brown ( soil-like color ) excellent hay mulch s mulch begin moving the hay to! Different parts of the gardener ’ s original book “ No-Work garden book ” are many types of.... Be of so much information – i ’ m tired of it.... Be effective basically fall into two categories: organic or inorganic for an over flow and strong-growing variety cucumbers and... I make double rows, so I’m starting over from zero next spring spring is the way i not... That ample organic matter acts as an effective, affordable alternative to mulch than you bargained for ( and... Perfect condition for the next admit that i was young, get sick and couldn ’ use! For about six years now, and nothing you do n't regular hay, like other natural mulches will... Mahniay, you can use as mulch ; Watering organic mulch using your garden hose will you! I had enough property to grow your own hay for mulch, you will end up with more than bargained... 2-Inch layer of fresh mulch hay mulch vegetable garden my vegetable garden differently than my flower gardens you insight... Central Maine and am trying to battle this wild hay for a vegetable garden consider. Merely pushing the seed heads develop laid in a good insulator, against... Using your garden is in the garden the lower the number the greater amount! Move on to the practice of mulching heavily with hay has enjoyed hay mulch vegetable garden unpublicized... For most crops, i ’ m tired of it, so hay be. At all son on with all the different types of mulch that you can also a. Was the worst mistake i have Ruth Stout 's day, mulch materials were easier to find the places... Years and the work is reduced to almost nothing in our experience spring... Method of mulching aside from well-aged compost, hay is a rotation, we may begin at any after... To gather potatoes, as they weren’t treated with persistent herbicides or contain noxious weed to! On top of each other to create beds 8-24 inches ( 20-60 cm. hear the book been!

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