src. vspace: The way it works is like this: Select an existing img element using jQuery; Use jQuery to modify the src attribute of the img tag; Replace the existing image reference with a new one; It’s dead simple really. For the API I was working with, the img tag returned from the API contains the src attribute value of 'N/A', so it was simple to set its display property to 'none'. Hello Everyone. The image tag is always opened with a " tag will help you to upload an image where ever you want in your developing website. When the srcset attribute was first specified in 2012, we could only provide images of different pixel densities, as shown above. I have a string that contains HTML... 1 - I want to find all instances of the IMG tag 2 - Extract ONLY the filename from the SRC attribute of the IMG tag In case the code was in a separate file, the URL of that file should be set as the value to the src attribute of a