I put another fuse in (for the 5th time) and the lights stayed on. parking lights, dimmer, tail light fuse keeps blowing. It only does it the lights are on and you open the trunk. I know that one of the pins on the 4-pin is a bit mangled. Checked fuses, headlights, signal and fog lights work. Thanks for the reply. I will need to check what you said about blowing with ignition on and lights off. Reversing lights fuse keeps blowing. A. So this kind of eliminates the wiring to the lights I am guessing. Save Share. I first noticed that my running lights werent working yesterday when my lights turned on and they didnt, then i check plug and noticed it was working, then went under the hood and check the fuse, blown, i replaced it, today i checked again, and they didnt work. Have a weird electrical problem. If you often find that the fuse keeps blowing in the car more often, then you need to find the fault and fix it. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 28, 2015. My running lights and dashlights are dead. The power also goes into the body control module to signal to unlock the shifter interlock. Check the string carefully for any signs of fraying (especially where it connects to the plug) or places where the insulation has been damaged. I have a 96 honda hatchback ..My running lights wont work and the lightbulbs are fine .but everytime I change the fuse it blows right away any suggestions on how to diagnose the problem so I can drive at night again sounds like a short look at wires under dash then look at te wires coming through the fire wall check lighter too it might have a coin stuck in it as it will cause a short too . It keeps blowing the turn signal fuse out. I brought the car to my local shop they replaced the bulbs and checked the harness. Posted on Jan 22, 2010 After installing, My headlights and running lights wouldn’t turn on. Well, have been running the system with the upstairs lights on 6 separate lines since lunchtime, 3 beds, bath, top loft, middle loft, each with its own 5amp fuse, all plugged into a 6 way brick running through a 5amp fuse off the ring main, everything works, no fuses blowing. When I tried putting the new fuse in, it blew. Local salvage yard rebuilt it after it was wrecked. So i disconected the hids and installed a new fuse and went to turn either the running lights or headlights on and it blew again. The parking lamp fuse in the fuse box in the cab keeps blowing a few seconds after yo … read more Everything was fine there. I would go out and get more but I don't want to risk getting pulled over. Internal Blower Motor not running and 40 amp fuse keeps blowing. The car is a rebuild. I have a 01 silverado 2500hd. Question: My trailer turn/break lights work but none of the other ones. I need my car for work (sales rep) so if anyone can help here I would greatly appreciate it. And check the grounds with it too. The fuse blows when i turn on my running lights. What if your 2001 chevy prism keeps blowing the fuse for the running lights and your dash lights go out? 1 - 20 of 30 Posts ... My fuses are all in the engine compartment. I got a spare fuse and put a new one in and when I turned my parking lights on it blew the fuse once again. So i tryed to install my hids today with the high/low kit from ddm tuning and when i went to turn on the running lights or the headlights the fuse on the left, 2nd from the bottom of the fuse box kept blowing. ... Not too sure of the wiring on these newer models so I'm running out of ideas for you. If not then problem was in one of the bulbs. i replaced the headlight switch after that and it still pops the fuse. L ... As soon as I turn of the running lights the fuse pops. The brake light switch is powered by the fuse and then powers the rear brake lights and third brake light also. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. My park light fuse keeping blowing. I went underneath the truck and disconnected the entire harness that goes to the trailer lights and rear running lights. Internal Blower Motor not running and 40 amp fuse keeps blowing. Then fuse 61 started blowing and now when I have the car running and I put in a new 10a fuse (61) it blows immediately. The one I circled is. The fuses I keep replacing are only for the brake lights. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 19 of 19 Posts. I turned them on and off a few times and they were good. Get to learn more about what would cause a fuse to blow. My fuse for my tail lights and dash keeps blowing. The running and parking lights fuse keeps blowing every time i put a fuse in then i tried speaker wire around the old blown fuse i heard a pop then saw smoke coming from the back of the fuse panel on 96 Dodge Intrepid. The 5amp fuse that controls power windows/locks/dome light/brake switch keeps blowing out. Sorry for the confusion, I wasn't clear at what fuse was blowing. We checked all fuses in truck changed one and as soon as we plugged in our trailer it blew the fuse. I will also check the 4-pin to 6-pin converter. I have changed all the bulbs in the back of the car and it worked for a day and now it is back at it again. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 18, 2011. I have replaced fuse still blows. I checked the fuses and noticed the main was blown. Which also runs my interior lights. Hey guys my running tail light fuse keeps blowing. I've tried to operate the VSC-off switch and held it down for more than 5 secs to reset but nothing happens. Are your lights or wipers not working? If the fuse is blowing even when you're within the recommended number of lights, the problem is usually physical damage. Here's a clip of the warning lights that are displayed. i pulled all the light bulbs the back first then the front and it still popped the fuse. So, just recently, my tail light fuses keeps blowing.. Mine keeps blowing the fuse the instant I turn the headlight switch. Any idea why this keeps happening? These little 3a fuses in the plug part of the xmas lights keeps blowing. I checked the connections and grounds on the tail lights and checked the fuses under the hood. 2002 f150 5 amp fuse keeps blowing out. What's weird is Sometimes it will work for a few hours before it blows, but mostly it blows right away when I put a new fuse in. ... Trailer running light fuse keeps blowing. I replaced this and tried again. M ... 1,834 Posts . Thanks . Its still blowing the fuse. Reactions: Oso954. 4 Answers. SOURCE: 95 Honda Accord, fuse keeps blowing and no dash lights. I have a 2003 jeep liberty. I stopped after the 3rd fuse. 188 Posts . Trailer Running Lights Will Not Work and Blow Fuse on Truck. Reply. I replace it and overnight just sitting it is blown again in the morning.. Any help would be great. The fuse that runs my right running light, dash lights, and license plate lights (fuse position 5/10 amps) keeps blowing when I turn my lights on. When I put in a new 10a fuse (14) it blows later on but I can only tell when that one blows when I can't shift out of park. Then my reverse lights, and left side running lights wont owrk. Feb 17 2020, 1:30am. It's just that one 10a fuse that keeps blowing, which is the brake light circuit. I haven't done anything new to my truck in a few weeks so I am kind of clueless to what could be causing my truck to keep blowing fuses. Moreover, it controls only the exterior clearance and tail lights at the four corners. If I replace the fuse the lights will work until I start the car and then it blows. I have a 2002 f350 dually. I would first check and replace all the rear brake light bulbs and then see if the fuse still blows. I swapped out relays. Fuse keeps blowing in xmas lights. When it first happened, I think i blew a fuse in my tail lights first, but i still had a half mile to my destination so kept driving, and along that half mile my head lights fuse blew too.. replaced them no problem.. I have replace all the bulbs. by PistolSpark Aug 18, 2008 7:53AM PDT I have no power going to my rear running lights and no power to my dash lights. The fuse blowing when the Parking Light switch is used could be a help -- this is the simpler circuit to troubleshoot -- the key is out, and the Daylight Running Lights control module isn't in use. 1990 Jeep Cherokee no running lights and no dash lights. Earlier 99-03 Scenic has similar set up and reverse lights and rear wiper share same fuse. No breaks in wire or burnt wires. Im having similiar problems as you right now. Hey guys, just got a 2000 focus. Hello i have no running lights, interior lights 1995 dodge ram 2500. installed a new headlight switch and pigtail. When this happens, you have no way of powering some electrical components. I have pull the wiring harness from each headlight too the main fuse box under the hood. Fuse 34 keeps blowing and now my running lights don't work and neither does my right side tail lights even right side of the license plate light is off Posted by Anonymous on Oct 05, 2014 Want Answer 0 If I replace the fuse, all works again, but then once you drive t … Dash and Running Lights Blowing Fuses. The fuse for the running light keeps blowing. The thing is it works when the car is off but as soon as you start the car the fuse blows. I checked the fuse box underneath the hood of the truck and found that the #15 - 20 amp fuse was blown. Checked the fuse again and it was blown. Try looking at your tail light socket if it is fried that will blow the fuse I have yet to locate a fuse bank in the cab. On Tuesday we put up our Christmas lights on our house, they are the big C9 lights. But the fuse that keeps burning out is the one marked PRK LAMP. Update: It could be because of a blown fuse in the fuse box. Cannot figure out what is wrong. I hooked the trailer up and the running lights on the trailer were not on with or without the truck lights being on. I used the original wiring harness. I closed the hood, put the door back on, plugged in the dome lights and tried the lights, and the fuse blew again Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. Maybe I'll just replace the connect and turn it into a 6-pin on the trailer for simplicity. Still blows. 2005 Tacoma running light fuse keeps blowing Help! Re: Running Lights Fuse Keeps Blowing - Any thoughts? I mentioned the fuses with the red wire connected to it cause I wasn't sure if this was causing things to go wrong. I put it back in the same place since I don’t have the goats belly and like that it’s out of sight.