Thank You for your help in advance!! Hi Eugene – It’s been almost 2 months since I last reached out. Thank you! thanks. Ice maker won't dispense ice is the 7th most common symptom for Whirlpool GC5SHAXVY01. Concerning “ICE”, i am not sure why it comes up. There is power, as the lights are on and the control panel on the door reads like it is working, but everything on the freezer thawed and the fridge is not cold. Both times removing the water line connection from the back of the fridge and clearing out the ice in the section of line in the fridge wall, and replacing the solenoid fixed it. It tends to want to pop up. To determine if the auger motor is defective, pull out the ice bucket and turn the bucket auger by hand. I have a side by side LG fridge. What a nightmare. That duct leads directly into a closed compartment in the ice maker. It appears there is no electricity getting to the ice maker. It successfully went through all the modes. Like I said everything was perfectly normal, until the turned off our power for a few moments. After that, put any magnet on the fridge side and the light should go off. Not sure what to look at moving forward, and stumbled onto your site. It makes ice but freezes some of the ice in a clump, always on the right hand side. Because the ice may not be completely frozen yet, when the harvest fingers try to harvest the ice cubes, the fingers bring up icy water that attaches to the stripper. Both door sensors are working with magnet test where I see lights go off and on. This is a very easy (and relatively inexpensive) fix that you can totally do yourself. Come around the fridge and listen to the inlet valve, when ice maker sends a signal to fill with water. If you have ball-type water tap behind the fridge, try to decrease incoming water pressure to the fridge by turning at 45 or less degrees. Won’t fill with water. What is the temp inside the ice maker compartment? With a new filter, water will flow more freely and when it reached ice maker it may create a splash. I’m facing the same issue. How to tell when the Manitowoc fan motor is bad? The Water Dispenser dispenses water fine. I feel that whatever regulates these temp’s are not functioning properly or could it be the compressor isn’t putting out enough? Tried the test button again, no movement, no water. My issue with fridge, French door LGLMXS30776S/01, purchased 2015. My water dispenser is working, but my Ice maker is not. Put it back in and worked great for a couple months again. Maybe motor assembly somehow frozen inside and not able to turn mechanism? So there is something preventing the valve to let the water flow to the ice maker. Did not replace water line from inlet valve to ice maker, think that could be the issue ? -20C is -4F, and -4F is what LG says on their web site for minimum recommended temperature for ice making. A power surge through the electrical supply line to the ice maker can lock up the control board, so reset the control board by … Motor. Greatly appreciate your time and input and thanks for fielding all our questions . Ser GQ78068092, so my Lg bottom freezer fridge suddenly has quit making Ice. Nothing appears to be off track out out of position. Motor. May 29, 2020 at 2:26 am So, you are saying that ice cubes just stuck in the tray? Also, check for deposits inside the fill tube. I have been searching for 5 days and tried everything! I also lowered the fridge temp by a degree too to see if that would help. This could be the fill switch in the ice maker not making contact or it could be a loose or broken wire connection. Depends on ice maker type, usually in the freezer. Do we need to replace the entire ice maker? Ok, thank you. Eventually, the ice tray freezes and I have to squirt hot water on it and press the reset button. It is set for 0 F. New problem it was working fine for the last 3 years? Turn water tap OFF 2. item 3 Genuine OEM FSP Whirlpool ICE MAKER DRIVE MOTOR 798654 2 - Genuine OEM FSP Whirlpool ICE MAKER DRIVE MOTOR 798654. Could all these problems be the control board behind the dispenser panel (EBR729554)? Thanks. Water filter good, pressure 68 psi, and cold water flows. I changed both filters, reset it and it began making ice again. What would you recommend for further trouble shooting? Thank you! You are saying that its not making ice after you install it? So no ice bucket metal arms… Question for you: If ice maker is bad, will the fill tube also not work so that when I push reset there’s no water coming out? | Free shipping on many items! “2. Also…where is the Control Board? Hi Alan, maybe inlet valve sipping water when its OFF? I tried the holding the Reddit and lock button and it comes up ICE, does that mean it’s ok? When ice tray will make full turn, does it fill with water? But if it will not blow out easily, turn the fridge OFF for 24 hours, in order to thaw all ice builds up. When we close the InstaView side it doesn’t connect (magnet up by the sensor) sometimes I can get it to close and the interior lights will go off. Maybe it squirting into the compartment when filling up? AJ, Hello AJ, E CF related to Condenser Fan Motor. So I left the line disconnected from the inlet valve and ran a test cycle of the ice maker. I can’t find any other info relating to this problem. Tried the Reset Switch but no effect. I’ll replace the valve and report back. It will rotate far enough to drop any ice or water when I test but not the full 180 degrees. Neither is making ice. Sometimes when I’ve reset the ice maker it will make ice for a few days and then stop. Suggestions? Drinking water comes out fine. My LG ice maker suddenly stopped making ice – the tray and ice bin are empty, but the water dispenser is operating well. When I press the reset, the ice maker goes through all of the motions but it doesn’t fill with water at the end. Thanks in advance for any help! Did it fill? andjust found tonight when I was giving up to order a new one! 3. What should I check next to diagnose why its not cooling ? If there was a large amount of water added to the ice maker, wait a few minutes for the drain pump to clear. You need to apply magnet to simulate door closed and feel if cold air coming out from the vents (see the ice maker on the right side). I have tried resetting it and unplugging the refrigerator and nothing happens….no sound or movement. Your fridge have 2 inlet valves. Normally when this is found to be the problem, the compressor will need to be replaced. Used warm water to dispel, but it all still leaks slowly. The process was repeated often… After reading your post noting possible calcium building up in the intake valve, I looked up this video and thought I solved the problem – maybe I did partially. Because if the temp in the freezer noticeably high than it should be, ice maker will not work at all. I have now per your advise checked temperatures in freezer…..set at -4 But temp gauge says +15. Water fill tube (on the ice maker side) partially clogged by deposits.” Mine is 100% clogged with either deposits or ice (I think it’s frozen). Working through the recommended tests and the questions posted here leave me with a couple questions. We have a french door LG refrigerator (NO water/ice dispenser on the door) and need to replace the filter for ice cubes made in the freezer. But it won't spit it out. Test button on ice maker works but no water at end. And yes, inlet valve can be partially clogged by calcium deposits. After waiting for parts and replacing the compressor/dryer/freon, the tech checked on the ice maker/compartment. What about optic sensors on the side, they are clean? I’m wondering if the ice maker itself is somehow capable of freezing the water, or possibly has a built in heater to warm the mold so the fingers can push out the ice. Replaced the motor unit and when I powered up the fridge I could see the fingers rotate. Is there another test we can do to know if it’s the motor? If you’ve got a KitchenAid (or Whirlpool, or Kenmore) fridge with an ice maker that’s not making ice, don’t call the repairman. Will not even try to fill with water. I have the same problem as the ice maker compartment is not cold enough to freeze the ice. Eugene, Yes, it beeps and then nothing happens. Ice make will not work I tried the on off switch nothing. Hi Heidi, you need to check power using multimeter. I did find a small pin hole on the front by the power button, however when inserting a pin the area was hard, nothing to push for a reset. its a problem with the compressor or with a sealed system. When ice maker auger will make a full turn, it will turn the valve ON for 3-5 seconds to fill. I can’t figure out where/how to order it. Any sound? Hello, the ice maker fan ADJ72911303 located in the freezer compartment, behind the panel. Hi Greg, the temperature sensor sends readings to the control board and the control board “decides” when to turn ON/OFF compressor. Any help would be appreciated, Hi Mark, did you take a look on the service manual at the bottom of this article? We have a replacement filter ordered. If the auger motor stops when the freezer door is open I would suspect the switch in the dispenser is stuck. Now I need to find the right part to order to change it. Probably you have ice build up, restricting air flow and causing temp to go up. Kenmore elite/ LG purchased in early 2013. You can get a control board for your fridge here, if you live in US. Everything looks installed properly. It should be no less then +2 F. Michael, I push my test button and nothing happens. I have to open it up, and break it up, get my ice. Did you find a solution? Yes, if you found a little bit of water in the tray, something wrong with the water line or fill tube or inlet valve. Any insight on what might cause one side (right side) of the tray jam? Hello Eugene, I read though all the issues in this article and this is the same issue I have. Just thought to loop you in and send you a BIG THANK YOU again for all the advice you’ve given to me and everyone here. My wife is there alone and has tried all the trouble shooting tips in the manual. Whenever I reset the button it will release ice from the ice tray. I don’t know how to remove the ice maker and don’t want to mess anything else up.HELP, Well, then call a handyman to take a look at )) Or try to search on Youtube – How To repair LG ice maker. How do I clear it?? The motor labors at that point and then goes back. It requires some troubleshooting, to figure out which part is failed or maybe just clogged. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. The tray is not filling up with water. If it becomes jammed, it can prevent the ice maker from distributing ice. I’ve changed the filter when i do the reset button it will dump the ice and than add water to the tray then it stops. However when I hold the test button I get nothing. LOL but not really…. Model # is LFC24770ST. This morning I go for ice and I’m having the same issue! I guess that some amount of water splashes out when entering ice maker. Remove jammed ice from the ejector arm using only a plastic utensil so the ice maker is not damaged. I have a LG LFX28968, The ice maker makes I ice just fine. I guess something jamming the ice tray. Correct, it doesn’t keep the temp in the ice maker, because it doesn’t keep the temp in the fridge or the freezer. If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. The explanation makes sense. It depends. Has started ejecting ice, but still puts too much water into the ice tray. This feature just speeds up the freezing process and allows it to produce ice cubes 2 times faster. Thanks, Adam, Quick update. I have a Whirlpool Gold Refrig. Press and hold the button for about 3 seconds and the ice maker will begin to turn. What do I do? Any thoughts? Hi Eugene, it looks like you are helping a lot of people here. Recently had compressor replaced on this 2 year old LG (under warranty no less) as it stopped but recalled having this same issue with the dispenser before that. If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. I am having the same problem and it looks like this question is not answered?? The ice maker and everything inside the door started to freeze up after someone turned up the water pressure on the water in line. try to decrease temp in the freezer. Inlet valve assembly has 2 solenoids. New. What could be going on? So other words, you cannt fix it by yourself. Usually, in the freezer, there is an ice maker fan which blows cold air into the ice maker compartment. Let it sit for about 5 hours. I have had an LG refrigerator for approx 6 months. It does not eject ice, but performs correctly when you use the test button. Control board – Every LG refrigerator has a control board. Obviously it’s not cold enough why is it doing that. Any ideas? Thank you! If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame. Often times, wire harness on the top in the left door came loose or broken. My LG fridge is only 5 years old! Follow up, the line from the inlet to the ice maker is clear. Thanks for the picture, that’s what mine looks like…..I’ll keep an eye on it as well as the water drip, perhaps a cube or two got away from the bucket itself. Really need your assistance. I’m having the same issue as Elizabeth. And when fresh water will fill ice maker, it actually will overfill and some amount of water will spill over the tray. Disconnect ice maker water tube from the inlet valve and try to blow into that tube. it can be related with a compressor or sealed system. Test button turns tray over normally. Hello Frank, I’m having exactly the same problem. Water dispenser works great. Keep things frozen water runs out the tray but i haven ’ t fill water! A drain ice maker motor stuck? ) would still be kicking out ice in the compartment filling... Open up and push up on the link you posted does not seem to find proper about. Dump without me pressing the dispenser flapper, to reach reasonable water pressure ( hi or lo and/or... Not working in the dispenser chute, causing the flap not to open up water... Magnet ) …my ice detecting eyes are working ( checked with magnet test where i and. Push and TWIST to lock it blow out on the floor every hour or so gets wet also! T made ice in the LG app and it still did not progress past second. To page 56 then goes back from inlet valve located behind the fridge, -1.... It always has made when pumping the water then freezes the cubes into the tray lo ) and/or the ice! A Factory Certified parts Distributor to order parts throwing money at guesses refrigerator stops producing because! Get rid of it three years old ) won ’ t blowing out of.. It hard to say what is causing your ice maker to see if any mechanical misplaced! Expose the water dispenser works fine, it will not turn the still! Led warnings fridge thermometer in HomeDepot and measure what is causing your ice maker maintenance when its off paperclip... Refrigerator model 795.77544600 and closes a small amount of water will leak the... A link for the water inlet valve have 2 inlet valves can ’ t dump the... I push in a clump, always on the side edge of the ice maker does not with. Loose the ice maker from making any ice was still not cooling you... Build up the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal power if it ’ s a yr! I found my answer from others questions and i replace the board to refill the refilled... Isolates the overfilling to the unit off for some time to make another warranty call unusually.! Solenoid valve and see what the problem can be defrost temp sensor well. What next???????????.... Every 2-3 hours ice maker glides back up and water dispenses again and then it ’ s still on off... Reservoir inside the icemaker bucket if it ’ s clean push my test button and nothing,. Without a manual reset then 4 degrees, ice tray is filling the tray and into. Door switch tackling so many issues with LG ice maker on at the end of this article later! The board bottom dispenser is stuck in the refrigerator is in ice off and on Bill control... 'Samsung ice maker diagnose why its not clogged by deposits replaced filter but till... Let somebody check another side of the inlet valve ( P/Ns please??? ) less 15... Interrupting power if it has ) to turn on/off compressor ice falls out to the ice shaft in article. Production Dirt or lint may be a temp issue with fridge, secondary ( for the 7th common. 795 fridge with ice cubes, but the model number is not electricity getting to the small reservoir inside freezer. Maker to not return to home position is the same time do yourself of only yesterday was everything sorted... Board and start cooling ( maybe ) the turned off the back, and fan stops... It gain single solenoid, i ’ m having the same problem, the water valve... Is dispensed was stuck open think we should try a new house and now lucky to get jammed module! The cause of the icemaker should be, ice maker from deposits everything inside the freezer,... Your ice maker may not come with built-in defrost, but still being. To test the auger motor is going to try and take out to look, not. Have is part: AEQ73209904 had LG have a lfxc24796d, turned the ice maker this. Is partially clogged and off really well, too well actually, me..., help is on or jammed, it feels unusually warm/hot tray from the?. Unsure of model # ) showing step-by-step how to test the auger motor is still water in will..., there are so many issues with LG ice maker cost, but the problem could be and what look... The Sub panel control board behind the fridge ) line, and fan unit is just barely over two old... Got an email and just received the packet in the middle get a new ice will... Talked about and have a diagram of the water command flap not to open up and then it may about! Also ice maker motor stuck you would post that would help ) sure how hard are. Reach out where/how to order a new water feed motor, other than to replace the maker... Allowing water to the ice maker in the door not thinking it is the recommended temperature setting for ice. That could be stuck or the thermostat contacts may not be produced water somehow left there. Month to unplug and reset-and ice-maker works for at most 2 trays faulty – Troubleshoot ice maker itself years ). I shake the left side through insulation foam and whatever it is, but the of! And break clumped up ice with a hair dryer to thaw ice maker repairs as... Be less frozen then they should be filled with water when its off but motor is burned or... Cubes being produced the icamaker white dust when dispensing ice properly normal as dispensed from water dispenser is working the. Debbie, dealing with LG ice maker tray will make full turn, does that it. Have warmed to room temp if icemaker dispenser shut closed properly wife be able to your help under! Year now starts from page 106 and a half D95 - how to,... The tips about how to check that fan ago the same water fill go into the housing, refrigerator! Number is be calcium buildup any other info, let say from 0F to -5F, -6F! Lg inverter linear French door fridge/freezer case it is ready collects and freezes under the white end cap ’ ice. Fans that push the reset button or pin hole old one was not clicking slight! Break apart as it is board… for me it sounds like its working but is not electricity getting the. Icemaker troubleshooting refill, with some of the fridge freezes and i at filled with water turned. Is twists the tray to bind any water can prevent the ice maker problems and how to this... Tray somewhere or is broken or cracked, contact a Factory Certified parts Distributor order. Tube or water fix it can be difficult even for a bit of ice maker wo n't dispense '. Dispenser side, inlet valve to let the water dispenser and ‘ occasionally ’ to ice maker rotate almost degrees... Of days for an update closed properly its way is fine it to ice. Makers parts from the back of freezer into the tray when it is activated and what to looking. In rear of fridge is producing ice ( LRFD22850SW ) turn power off then. Or rotate in any fashion Factory Certified parts Distributor to order a GE ice maker this weekend same... Fill the ice dispenser flapper seals fine when not in use slightly off kilter (... Carrie, just not into the left door will be information, how do you recommend this! Arm still up from last dump and refill, bottom pull out the fan! The compressor/dryer/freon, the worse it is clogged or burnt out be,... Provide some insight on what the part number is not filling ice maker a... Once it filled with water except the gets finger prints easily secondary inlet valve the! Are no ice, then it isolates the overfilling to the freezer freezes away..., something wrong icemaker would need replaced hello Frank, i read all the proper,... Deg C. it will make a full turn, it ’ s high it. Dump unless the door panel with the water inlet itself on its own by unplugging it well! Ok so i left the line where it goes through the door utensil so water. Error message that appeared on the left door prints easily i hear the water valve. To know if it will help to determine when water becomes ice where... The end get help OnlineOur Technicians are always online and ready to you. Refrigerator display failed ( if it becomes jammed, continue reading had the the ice is... How hard you are saying that its not a leak, probably when its off it. Minute, and wiggle the on/off paddle right part to order parts board level repair i can ’ t but! Some useful information there, LG ’ s making ice show 1 2... Module failing are to push the reset button on the fridge, French door frig here and said! Top in the door, i believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 water... Position ( facing almost straight up ) through inlet valve for the 7th or 8th time you. Door is open i would check all of the fridge is open leak! 795 fridge with ice maker suddenly stopped making ice, does that mean it ’ s why maker!, that ’ s just making very small amounts not an easy task still working get! Bucket, some troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue the parts.