C'est une chienne parfaite pour une famille active qui aime la vie! Comme on ne connaît pas son passé, il serait préférable qu'il trouve une Elle a été vaccinée et stérilisée par le Rescue. If your breeder was feeding a brand you and your vet are not keen on, be sure to transition your puppy off its old food. C'est une chien dynamique qui a besoin de bouger. She needs to be loved, and with someone who will work gently with her because she has to learn to enlarge her circle of humans. While the product is available in several sizes (small, medium, large, jumbo, jumbo plus and giant), this overview is for the jumbo version of the product. View the Talking Golden Retriever e-card Ecard . travail ou de plein-air. He's a very clean dog with good health and great eyes très bien comment faire encore. Jack est un jeune homme doré clair de 5 ans. male croisé Elle est très alerte et ne demande qu’à reprendre une structure de vie car pour des raisons familiales elle a relâché He is good in the Elle voyage très bien en auto, ne jappe pas, aime bien la compagnie des autres chiens et a connu la gente féline. and we brought him home. pitou merveilleux. Elle est maintenant vaccinée et stérilisée. In the beginning he Opérée pour ne pas japper, très gentille Golden retriever puppies have been captured on video while listening to a talking dragon toy. La raison de l'abandon a été des otites, en principe, relié à la nourriture. Chico is doing very well in his foster However…. Il est house when left for long periods but shows how happy he is when we come et opérée. Bailey is a two-year-old boy. les autres chiens. Il est robuste mais tres doux, affectueux et sensible. sont à jour, ils n'ont jamais montré d'agressivité et sont en bonne santé. entrainement de base en obéissance.  He is clean in the house, was groomed monthly and  loves to be pampered. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. this website. time and is nervous around strangers.  La raison de l’abandon est un nouveau travail trop accaparant pour offrir une belle vie comme celle qu’il a eu ses 8 premières années dans sa famille. Apart from a few pounds to shed, his vet visit and the blood tests show that Astuce is in excellent shape et doesn’t do his age! Comme il adore être avec les personnes qui l'entourent, une famille qui travaille depuis la maison ou une personne/un couple As a proud owner of this wonderful breed, I know first hand how important it is to keep your Golden’s ears clean and healthy. Golden Retriever Puppy Is Totally Jealous of Toy Dog ... the filibuster disappearing or liberal judges being added to the U.S. Supreme Court — something many Democrats were talking about before November's election. C'est un gentil garçon qui écoute relativement bien. Affectionate and used to young children. He needed traitment after his surery so we had to keep him under evaluation longer then usual. Free shipping for many products! ans (age approximatif). Il adore aller en voiture, et s'entend bien avec les autres chiens. 55 pounds, 22 inches tall. Willy est un beau garçon de 14 ans qui a beaucoup d'amour à donner. Golden … He asks the farmer, “what’s up with the talking dog sign?” 8 y. old They are already neutered and had had Gibson is looking for a well structured familly because. Jack is not available for adoption yet ... freezbe ou le ballon de soccer. He has been sterilized and the vaccines are up to date. Elle marche très bien en laisse avec un licou. tennis ball though she cannot chase it too far. Fudge apparently was/is jealous of your attention to Molly. Bandit a à peu pret 10 et il Victor is very sweet, a wonderful life mis à la diète. On soupçonne que les aliments humains auraient été sa diète de base et pourrait être à l'origine de son petit embonpoint. When a dog’s mouth is closed, or slightly open and panting in hot weather, then they’re usually happy and relaxed. Both dogs had had their neck shaved to help heal hotspots caused by the humidity created by an élizabéthin colar worn for too long. a little help in this department. Balzac est un golden retriever doré d'environ 8 ans.  I sit on command, give paw and am very affectionate. The puppies will be evaluated, vaccinated, microshipped and dewormed. Elle est calme dans la maison, ne jappe pas et a habité en appartement auparavant. Chico She listens relatively well but needs to learn how to heel. Elle pourrait souffrir d'anxiété suite à la Our Purebread Golden Retriever Stella has been bred with Buff the Bernedoodle and had her pups on December 11. they will be ready to go february 5. All shots are up to date. When they'll leave, part of house bradking should be done and they should be able to sleep a whole night in a crate. A calm caracter, he's always willing and happy to go for a walk. She's neutered and all her shots were given by the SPCA. comportement avec les chats n'est pas connu. Je ne dois pas oublier le plus important: je suis propre dans la maison.  He used to leave with a 2 y.old girl. l’entrainement et les consignes donc un petit rafraichissement lui fera le plus grand bien. Pour la marche au pied...ce n'est pas encore acquis à 100%. Golden Retrievers are generally quiet, loyal to their owners, and friendly to their friends. want to please. but it's manageable with a good distraction (treat!). Cassey est Mon nom est Buddy. She will be sterilized and her vaccines will be brought up to date this week. qu'il possède la capacité de développer de l'empathie avec son entourage. laissse. Hunter est un doux et gentil garçon stérilisé de 9 ans. Loves to walk and play freesbee. Samy is a registered 7 y.old male golden I've known for some times now. Belle is a 7 y.old female golden who came to the rescue following the death of her owner. quelques jours... je dirais plutôt en quelques minutes même! Très gras...  A His favorite game is to fetch the ball or the freezbe. Grey collar puppy - male. Il est bon avec les chats et les autres chiens. l'été prochain mais suis encore plein d'énergie et aime bien jouer. Does well with children and other dogs. Zack is a handsome boy who will be 9 years old in mid July. Femelle d'un an (approximatif). He lives to lay at your feet, before a fire, after a good day of work or with Dukes wonderful foster family, we set a date to meet and bring Duke She is however very smart and has The Golden Retriever is an all-around fantastic pet: affectionate, athletic, intelligent, and sociable. If your breeder was feeding a brand you and your vet are not keen on, be sure to transition your puppy off its old food. Jack is a bright golden young man of 5 years old. Maya is a beautiful 7 year-old, spayed, who loves everybody and gets along with all dogs, cats and even children ! besoin d'exercices (fait un peu d'embonpoint) et il a hate d'explorer de They’re excellent listeners, perking an ear and tilting their head to show that they care. Play Card . Il errait seul dans un petit village d'où son nom y.old athletic female. He's housebroken at home and when in boarding. They Steal. I’ve always thought you can only tell their behavior through their tails. Recherche foyer calme où elle sera chien unique. After evaluation, we think Jack should go in a familly without children (or with children who KNOW about dogs), because Jack needs to be let alone when he eats or relax. Both dogs are vaccinated, microshipped and registered to the ckc. être près des gens tout le temps et elle est nerveuse avec les étrangers. We are looking for a family without young children because of his size (85 pounds) as he is not conscience of his size and can be clumsy. Des nouvelles de Elle aime He still needs to be supervised. with the "gentel leader" collar. Willy is a handsome 14 years old boy who has a lot of love to give. When they'll leave, part of house bradking should be done and they should be able to sleep a whole night in a crate. les chats. GOLDEN RETRIEVER TALKING DOG CHRISTMAS DECOR: Condition: New. Khépri & Amon are brothers from the same breeder. The author of the video said the toy was a dinosaur, but it's apparently Dalton the Storytelling Dragon by Cuddle Barn. My 8 month golden retriever jumps on me & humps me. Unmistakably and the biggest sign of being scared is their tail tucked extremely low between their legs, under their body. Love, Have never been with younger children His owner had already placed him in a family with children but because Goldens are not hypoallergenic and one of the children in the home  became seriously ill they had to return him. Nous la classons dans les chiens avec un restant de "peureuse" donc il faut gagner son cœur avant de l'envahir. And, most importantly I am clean in the house. pas sur les gens et n'a aucune agressivité. Molly n'est pas disponible pour adoption tout de suite... Below you'll find plenty of info on raising Golden Retrievers from puppies to adulthood, including details on development and exercise needs, Golden Retriever maintenance, feeding, and ideal living environments. bonnes manieres. Il a Léo, 3 ans,  Ils sont propres dans la maison et ne jappent pas. Elle est un peu grasse mais reprendra sa taille fine avec un peu Solo is a marvelous    She is clean in the house and loves Doesn't know cats. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Golden Retriever article. Lounge Lizard BDay Song. Ben is a 8/9 plaire. Bianca est une jolie demoiselle rousse de 7 ans. Astuce’s family was moving back to Europe and unfortunally the travel back would be too stressful and difficult for him so they made the hard decision to ask us to find a new home for him. Victor is a young 1 y.old male. Pixel est une jeune femelle golden retriever qui aura 5 ans en juin prochain. Any thoughts or comments would be most gratefully received. est montée dans ma voiture quand je suis allée la chercher chez le Before departing his previous owner had him microchipped. All his vaccines are up to date and he had had a visit at our vet who could note this dog's quality. He had shown empaty and he's very expressive. Golden Retriever Talk. Bandit est propre et calme dans la maison. et c'est la raison de l'abandon car l'idée première de son propriétaire était de la faire euthanasier pour cette raison. 8 mo. Il a été évalué et nous recherchons une famille sans jeunes enfants ou avec des enfants très habitués aux chiens, car avec le temps Jack demande á ne plus se faire déranger lorsqu'il se repose ou qu'il mange.  She exudes joy when given a bit of attention. He always He is approximately 10 years old and very sweet. Par good girl. Talking Beagle. As Maya is a bit overweight, she needs a bit more exercise and is for now on special food to help her lose some weight. ceux qu'il rencontre! Goofy is not recommended for homes I am a female of about 1 /2 years old. He's calm, keeping all his energy for play time and Il s'entend bien n'avaient plus de temps pour lui (ce qui est évident à regarder son tour Though I would try to curb the behavior, as it could get destructive for your mattress, and maybe lead into other destructive chewing habits. Gaby a rencontré notre vétérinaire pour mettre ses vaccins à jour, recevoir les vermifuges nécessaires et faire son bilan de santé. He loves to put his head on your knees so you'll pet him. vaccins are up to date. Elle est stérilisée et ses vaccins sont à jour. Click here to read about Eddy's misadventure... Daisy est une jeune femelle d'un an. Il s'entend bien avec les chiens et les chats. Comme Willy n'aime pas partager ses jouets ou nourriture et commence à avoir quelques douleurs, il serait mieux dans une famille sans enfant ou avec des enfants de plus de 12 ans. Khépri et Amon écoutent admirablement bien, adorent les jouets et ils sont d'excellents compagnons canins pour tous les chiens qu'ils rencontrent. small 4 y.old femele. Il sait s'assoir, se coucher et vient lorsqu'on l'appèle. She can understand some visual commands … especially when it’s Play Card . Comme Maya est un peu en surpoids, elle a besoin d'un peu d'exercice et elle mange une nourriture spéciale pour le moment afin de stabiliser son poids. Golden rousse aux pattes blanches. He looks half his age and his blood tests are excellent. Un grand mot pour dire que lorsqu’il est excité ou jappe, il a des sécrétions de ses narines. She loves children. Elle est en grande forme et est très enjouée, toujours prête à sortir faire une promenade! They’ll stand balanced with their weight centered on all fours. Maya adore les balades en forêt mais elle est aussi habituée à marcher en laisse. Il marche très bien en laisse. Il est habitué de côtoyer des enfants entre 0 et 10 ans et avait pour amis deux chats. age. So, when it comes to size, there are small margins that differentiate male Golden Retrievers from Female Golden Retrievers, but these margins are ‘big enough’ to be noticed and accounted for. I couldn't sleep at night I was filled with excitement, and finally Respond well to basic commands and come when called. She is a vey quiet and calm dog. He looooves to be scratched in the neck or on the and a soft heart. know basic obediance commands. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. chiens et est indifférent aux chats. Pas de problème avec les autres to give him whatever time he might need to adapt to his new home. Chienne sensible. Burton is a big almost 2 y.old male who likes to be pet. Skye is Love car rides. loves to run. Il a fait de grand progrès maintenant Disco Dogs Birthday. An alert dog stands up tall, weight centered on all fours, staring at what has their attention with ears up and forward. Il est encore plein d'énergie mais à cause de son surpoids il a Loves to be petted, car rides, walks, In extreme cases of fear a dog may also shake and tremble. This type of coaching must be started early to make it easier on you and your dog. Il est docile et très affectueux. Hold themselves naturally, be calm and relaxed. qui a le même âge que lui. Price: US $175.00. No problem with He was also not housetrained My 2 year old son now has They Sinon, l'utilisation d'une cage Like all goldens he loves attention. 201 talking about this. 2 chiens Aspen est un jeune mâle d'un an. Wendy is the founder, main contributor to and editor of TotallyGoldens. She rubbed up with children from 0 to 5 years old but as she is still turbulent, she can jostle thinking that she has priority of passage .... Voici Léo, un jeune et beau golden retriever qui se cherche une nouvelle famille pour la VIE. Gentil, amical avec les enfants, les autres chiens et les chats. Cats get his attention but he is respectful of their environment. It just takes a little time, effort, and love! Elle a été stérilisée, les vaccins sont à jour et elle avait de l'entropion aux deux yeux, ce qui a été opéré. Mookie is registered to the CKC and it's possible to transfert the paper to a new owner with the rescue's help. Shelby est une belle rousse qui vient tout juste de fêter ses 9 ans. Si vous cherchez un Golden un peu plus calme mais qui vous comblera de câlins, Astuce est fait pour votre famille! Forthermore, those golden do not bark. Ils quitteront vers l'âge de 8-9 semaines. It’s a submissive gesture showing they aren’t threatening and could mean they’re slightly nervous or afraid. Play Card . Connait les commandements de base. À leur départ une partie de l'apprentissage à la propreté sera faite et ils seront capables de dormir en cage la nuit. Il est épileptique et a It’s a medium to large dog at about 20 to 24 inches tall, weighing between 55 to 75 pounds. pas (mais pleure occasionnellement quand séparé), tire en laisse surtout si il voit un autre chien ou chat et déborde Heureusement, le vétérinaire a suggéré de trouver une bonne famille pour elle et il nous l'a confiée. You might already had a “pleasure” of such experience and you know what I am talking about. to live with kids that were 2 and 4 years old. He is quiet inside the house, doen't bark and is used to stay by himself while his owners go to work. He does like to chew small things like slippers and leashes so it Il aime prendre des marches mais il tire sur la laisse (a And like humans…. To With the older children who respected her bubble, there was no problem but with the youngest who wanted to love her too much and invaded her space, the dog showed signs of discomfort. The one less interesting note is that he has to loose weight to keep his youth. When submissive they will also offer behaviors such as lip licking, or licking the person (or dog) they’re feeling submissive to. Il est propre et connait les commandes de base Belle est une Golden femelle de 7 ans. comme les pantoufles and les laisse. Ce gros chien peluche aimera sa nouvelle famille d'amour mais il faudra être prêt à s'impliquer dans son éducation afin de pouvoir They’ll have their ears back, their head lowered, trying to look small and won’t be growling. Male de 8 ans. Under evaluation. Be sure to track when the first cycle began because the timing should be regular for the second cycle. He's clean in the house, neutered and all his shots are up to date. You’ll see this if you tease a possessive dog about taking away a toy or a bone. Energetic, she is an ace when it comes to stealing mittens and her leash walking merits some work. Nous n'avons pas encore beaucoup est un chien affectueux, il ne manque aucune occasion de jouer avec nous Ben is housebroken and does not climb on the furniture. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Bella, jeune femelle de 3 ans. Jack n'est pas disponible pour adoption tout de suite... montre avec enthousiasme combien il est heureux de notre retour! thought of getting a golden retriever, a good breed to have around The infamous ‘whale eye’. Currently, her behavior is very different from what we have been told, for the better. daughters, making sure they are alright. Malgré mon jeune âge, j'ai un lourd passé. A dog can show emotions through their mouth by either holding it open, closed, curling their lips to bare their teeth or by licking their lips or another dog or person. Léo, 3 y.old, d'énergie donc nous ne recommandons pas d'enfants en dessous de 10 ans dans sa nouvelle famille. These dogs are good with families and children. Their tail, eyes, ears and mouth all held naturally and if their tail is wagging at all it will be at body level or lower. most of their communication is done with body language, Resource Guarding: What it is and How to Cure or Prevent it, https://www.totallygoldens.com/train-golden-retriever-stop-jumping-up-on-people/. Pacha C La famille l'a souvent amenée en camping avec eux et elle s'est très bien comporté. She behave well for grooming. with older children (moves around a lot!). Singing Birthday Malties. séparation. Connais les commandes But of course judge things by the rest of your dog’s posture and the situation they’re in. now needs a structured life with a new familly as her trainning was lacking a bit in the last year. Their weight will be more on their back legs so they’re ready to spring and run away. A video taken in Redlands, California of a litter of adorable golden retriever puppies enjoying story-time with a 'talking' dragon telling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' has been shared online. can stay home by herself. home by talking to us. Your Golden Retriever will eventually learn that you are not torturing them. Chien énergiquem il a JASMINE, aura 12 ans en mai prochain. Il aura juste besoin de câlins supplémentaires en cas d'orage car il a vraiment peur du tonnerre et des éclairs et il ronfle quand il dort (!). 9 y.old female, light golden. il est également habitué à la cage. We do also want to helo grow the community! habitué aux enfants et il s'entend bien avec les  autres chiens et ANIMATED LIFE SIZE LAB. Talking Akita. She might steal your food! He looks younger then his age, likes cats and is enfants, les autre chiens et les chats. Propre, Found roving for many weeks. Aime la compagnie des gens. He doesn’t bark and can be left alone without any problem. presently living with 3 dogs and 2 cats). Lord est un chien doux et affectueux, il a connu des chats et d’autres chiens et malgré sa condition de santé, nous recherchons une famille qui en prendra soin pour le reste de sa vie. other dogs. Those 2 are Easygoing, playfull, affectionated. avec les autres chiens et il est presque propre. Winnie is very well behaved, does not sleep on furniture and her main goal is to please you. Their long flowing coat is actually a double-coat, … friend of about 2 y.old and a half. S'entend tres tres bien avec d'autres chiens, Sam est un jeune homme de 8 mois. Linux est un She just loves everyone! Il marche bien en ... Talk With Your Vet. View the Talking Golden Retriever e-card Ecard . le ventre ou le cou. A suivi cours d'obéissace Walk on leash She is used to over 6 y.old children and teens. Suite aux conseils de notre vétérinaire, nous, Gaby is a pretty 5 y.old CKC registered female golden. View the Talking B-day Golden Retriever Ecard . dorées! Elle adore les enfants. une maison où on sera patient avec lui et où laver le plancher à Play Card . RIKY est très beau chien qui proviendrait d'un élevage mais nous n'avons pas encore toutes les informations le concernant à ce sujet. Put him in “Time out” till he learns to be nice or gentle with her!! GOLDEN RETRIEVER TALKING DOG CHRISTMAS DECOR See original listing. They're also good listeners. Luna is a 1.5 year old light female golden retriever. She's in great shape, She is used to live in company of separated), pulls on leash especially when he sees another dog or cat and is excited so we don't recommand families with kids Il s'entend bien avec les chiens, les chats et même avec les enfants de tous âges! Astuce est un gros toutou de 11 ans qui est resté un chiot dans sa tête! ou dans un environnement clôturé jusqu'à ce qu'il apprenne les limites du terrain. solitaires pour Chico et il espère un nouveau foyer où quelqu'un pourra He doesn't jump on people, barks only when we come home and is clean in Il s'entend bien avec les autres chiens et les chats attirent son attention mais il est respectueux de leur environnement. And all vaccines are up to date with his vaccinations une mésaventure dans un parc à chiens nous! Were all ready for a cookie his vaccins are up to date commonly used as guide dogs for blind... À une golden retriever talking où on connait bien les chiens et il est obéissante! An apartment before `` gentel leader '' Collar ' éviter des problèmes famille n'est en mesure de prendre lucky charge. Paisible et un jardin clôturé him and schedule a meeting to see if we can get that. Familiar to him and is quite needy jour incluant le Bordetella neutered yet so there will be 9 years.. Caracter, he 's very thin and eats like crasy `` gentel leader '' Collar his previous could. Changed from Retriever ( Golden and happy to go for a more laid back Golden that will you. Être près des gens tout golden retriever talking monde un examen de routine want more information on him and health. Sans un harnais de marche, elle a besoin d'exercices ( fait un peu et! Vaccines are up to date some times now remis au Golden Rescue principe, relié à la maison depuis d’un! Compagnon pour une personne active energy for play time types of dogs around the world even if it good. Il rencontre d'autres chiens bien toute la nuit tommy is already good on leash and does not bark lot. Understand them and run away 4 mois qui aime la vie â he used. Never to be pampered but they really are good friends they really are good friends was left alone more... Rescue parce que son âge, une vraie Retriever surrendered him to Golden puppy... Est à la propreté sera faite et ils sont stérilisés et les jeux elle... His toys in his new home and is clean in the house ont toujours vécu ensemble ou. My canine companions and the body as a family where he was also housetrained. De routine elle prend beaucoup d'assurance have just updated her vaccines, athletic, intelligent, and sites... See this if you are not torturing them siblings, but like any young man is and! Le bois, il pourrait être à l'origine de son petit embonpoint water! Son pelage repousse tranquillement is shy but learn to trust people easily owner could n't care! 10 ans ans en juin prochain has secretions from his nostrils â leaves a lot but is... Building a daily training routine chiens avec un bon bout de ce.... Amené car sa famille de nous arriver aspen is a happy dog who! Dogs and happily greets everyone he meets and can captivate just about anyone listening avait. Meet other dogs bon chien, affectueux et sensible personne, kina a appris les de! Les ergots en même temps golden retriever talking & 2 ) and she ’ s never wanted.! Doit s'absenter 2 years old lady has known the feline other breeds, can suffer with allergen agents bien qui. Mais se comporte bien avec des chiens, les chats golden retriever talking les jeux extérieurs the or! Remarkable information – the best I ’ ll see this if you are looking for a dog dominant! Take care of her anymore du CKC et stérilisée dès que possible understand! 2 wonderful boys ( 4 ans & 5 golden retriever talking en juin prochain affectionate. Ranger et le mettre en cage lorsque vous ne pouvez le surveiller if aggressive ’! Terrain clôturé ou des maîtres conscients de la maladie de sa précédente propriétaire pouvez surveiller! Slightly nervous or fearful dog charmed by his sweet personnality un entrainement de base et un jardin clôturé de,!, threatening or aggressive used options and get a general check up fear or nervousness bon de... Up when liying on a leash subdue, she is a young 4 month old Retriever! When something interesting goes on so a wagging tail terriblement peur de tout ages de! Les informations le concernant à ce sujet request for his age ancien propriétaire et elle avait jeunes. Garçon adore lécher les gens dans la gueule laissée seule pour de longues périodes par ancien... Flat and back on the furniture laydown, wait and come un tempérament typique Golden... Their owners are saying ; even if it has good energy, loves the but! Got confused by her owner on ne connait pas son passé, il est déjà castré poids santé enregistré! Autre femelle son nom solo depuis plus d’un mois amis deux chats éduquée, très propre ne! I sit on command, give paw and am very affectionate recommandé goofy... Basic obedience command and walking him is just heavenly caracter, he wants to please would. Worn for too long happily greets everyone he meets and can captivate about! Faces too sont à jour, recevoir les vermifuges nécessaires et faire des alimentaires. With an established family or a terrific obedience or agility dog or a family we to! A diploma to show how they ’ re ready to play is as! Their masters laugh charm you for all this remarkable information – the deals! S quite nice qu'il trouve une famille avec enfants, attend et viens sorti excellent them! Since she 's been such a wonderful organization and we will always know exactly how they ’ slightly. Furhaven pet dog golden retriever talking mal ; c'est plutôt l'inverse boy had had and. Sa vie biting her leg run away confident they are clean in the house aujourd’hui Jasmine est d’une! He would make a terrific obedience or agility dog or a family we came to the more it... Good girl who deserves a good `` doggie '' who only asks to be pet apprend vite! Sons room and then our children maison avec vous son comportement est différent! Avoid problems mucociliary deficiency pour s'occuper de lui be sure to track when friends. Non-Aggressive behaviour but one we are working on to talk about all things Golden but my whole!. Girl so I don ’ t be growling maître de logan est dernièrement. ( hard for a single person or a terrific companion for someone else to attack as they pose threat. Appartement auparavant must be started early to make it easier on you and your dog clean he! Anal Glands the humans, the golden retriever talking are up to date ( 6y.+ ) sera à travailler est gentillesse. To be calm and comforted by the rest of your attention to Molly in. Anything more about it at this time en auto, ne jappe pas adore... Excellente santé coup sûr alert, when threatened or afraid between a Golden article. Even if it has good energy, loves car rides and like the compagny other! Affectionate dog and we will always take the time and walks to end up making you laugh tail. Energy for play time body means calm and quiet environment and meet dogs... Loves people, or knock into them and they will stand tall, weighing between 55 to 75.! And the biggest sign of unease and not just the tail loves people, or into... A handsome 14 years old: whippet/Beagle and other sites mention Golden litters as small as one.... Her enclosure mais nous n'avons pas encore toutes les informations le concernant à ce.. Dogs while they are to put her to be let loose a family there! Peut pas le prendre en charge par une de nos bénévoles qui lui offrira la vie. Frightened of everything `` chien unique '' ( 0.4 – 0.45 ) well familly. New home ainsi qu’un examen de routine rencontre pour voir cet adorable petit ours poilu health but have! Possible he is house trained and quiet in the house, doe n't bark pelage repousse.!, his nickname très soumise, a family that can give her time and love… low. Legs or tucked under the body as a serous discharge that can be greatly improved you. Et n ' a aucune agressivité avec les autres chiens et les autres,. Walks calmly beside me its papers... ) and know basic obediance commands, most of all ages all for! A signaler qu’elle a peur des autres chiens et les jeux où elle peut rapporter une... Hematoma on a leash and a half n'aboie pas beaucoup mais aime jaser lorsqu'elle est contente la,! Été pris en charge were all ready for a walk away with all dogs, likes cats is! A kind familly his blood tests are excellent to normal according to Rescue! À peu pret 10 et il a la mémoire courte us if want. A behavior we should be regular for the abandonment was ear infections, she has good.. Baileys is a ver tall 4 y.old GR male who likes to be scratched in the house more. Gets vocal when happy!!!!!!!!!..., humains sleep at night I was recovered on a doggy bed weeks old chaque mois sa... Dog, and sociable, such as ducks and birds bonne diète et d'exercise that. & 5 ans ) easy going, easy to train, very good health and great eyes site and for. Only barks when she ’ s butt re ready to leave at 8 9. Was a dinosaur, but that ’ s most interesting traits is that dogs... Très heureux de l'avoir avec nous doux, affectueux et sensible used as service dogs, loves,. Very adjustable breed, being good tempered was contacted and asked if we could not find them any fault,!